Single room refurbishments to complete property developments.

Operating across London and the South East, we’re passionate about combining traditional values with modern methods to create spaces to be truly proud of.

Our Work


Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen, or a home office- an extension is brilliant for adding living space to your home whilst also increasing the property’s value.

Loft Conversions

Lofts are often one of the most unused, wasted areas of a home. Whether the space is converted into an extra bedroom, office, or even cinema room- a well considered loft is always a great way to gain a unique room whilst maximising the living space in your property.

Basement Conversions

An area often left neglected in a home, basements are a great space that tend to be close to other living areas. When converted, a basement can create an excellent home gym, an additional lounge area, an office or even a children’s play room. Basements free up valuable ground space, whilst waterproofing protects against potentially expensive water damage. The benefits are endless.


Refurbishments can breathe new life into dated properties. Whether it’s a single room refurbishment or complete property remodel, we draw on years of industry experience and design expertise to create spaces that will have you falling in love with your home all over again.

New Builds

Creating your dream home takes manpower, dedication, skill and a vision. We’ll handle the first three and work with you on the vision so we can work on bringing it to life. The end product will be a home that you can’t help but be proud of- delivered with efficient solutions, on time and within budget.

“Team Nexus were excellent. They kept me in the loop throughout so I always knew how the project was progressing, and the result is beyond what I ever imagined- a great addition to our family home. Could not recommend more.”

Jonathan White